Hello, I’m Piers, and I’m an entrepreneur in the world of telecoms, energy and, more recently, property.

It was when I was 15 that I realised that I alone was in charge of my own destiny – what happened in the future was entirely up to me. So I decided to set myself a series of objectives for the next 15 years. By then, I would have lived my whole life again, and I wanted to ensure that I didn’t waste any opportunities.

That decision meant a lot of hard work and forgoing many of the things my contemporaries took for granted. I didn’t go to university or take the conventional route – my days were spent grafting, living on very little income and working very long hours. But, as the saying goes, you reach for the moon and if you’re lucky, you find yourself among the stars. I am one of those lucky people since my hard work paid dividends when I founded and ran my own successful data networking business. There is no doubt that I sacrificed my twenties to do this, but I am more than making up for it now I am in my thirties.

And along the way I have had some great adventures: from leaving school having already started a small business, to persuading my parents that university wasn’t for me, to spending some time working in the IT industry first before starting my own business. Eventually, and after ten years, I sold up to a bigger group and currently sit on the Board as Chairman.

Obviously this has meant that I have been able to diversify somewhat, so I bought a castle (as you do) which I am planning to redevelop ‘Grand Designs’ style, and I am supporting a local team which is building a not-for-profit children’s nursery.

On the personal side, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two young daughters. I am obsessed with travelling, never having had the time or money for a gap year of course, so drag the family off to far flung destinations whenever I manage to get a good deal on Airmiles.

As I have grown older, my ambitions have continued to grow, and I have set myself another 15 year goal since, after all, life is an adventure and I personally live my life as if every day might be my last.

I am now focusing on my next business – something that could disrupt the energy market – well, that’s my idea anyway. Hopefully, with some luck and a bit more hard work, I might be able to make this achievable.